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Labdee Alpha Arbutin Pure Serum 10ml

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Labdee Alpha Arbutin Pure Serum Whitening Lightening Face Acne Scars Freckles

Product Hot Hits selling very attracted to each other Serum Alpha Arbutin Pure concentrated more genuine Swiss grade only through lap 100%.

The substance that makes skin is most sensitive. Reduce freckles and dark spots, acne removal is a costly cosmetic brands. This must contain an ingredient with it. Inhibit melanin melanin at all stages. You can adjust the color to white in no time. Without having to do laser treatments or out any blemishes, redness from acne skin more sensitive, acne, freckles and dark spots, large pores, dull, shallow acne scars see more clearly.

By Alfa Arbutin be absorbed deep into the skin quickly. The problem of skin deeply. Restored to youthful as I wish. This serum is gentle on the skin too. Apply to the skin immediately Without irritation Suitable for all skin types It is also used together with other creams, all without losing the flavor paint and yellow spools installation and auspicious fast. Best performance of 100% authentic Swiss grade.

Alpha Arbutin Pure Serum properties
White pages
Inhibits movement pigment melanin.
Brighter tone the skin whitening in one week.
Acne, dark spots fade.
See more superficial acne
Freckles fade


  • arbutin
  • Persea
  • Gratisssima
  • Soluble Collagen
  • Aloe Babodensis
  • Leaf Extract
  • Centella aslatica Extract
  • Sea cucumber Extract
  • Ascotic Acid
  • Tranexamic Acid
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Tocophetyl Acetate
  • Potasslum Sorbate

How to use: Apply on face and Alpha Arbutin Pure morning – Gently massage the skin on your face tea. Suggest that this is a perfect first before any other cream. Do not forget to apply sunscreen in the morning with it.

Size: 10 ml. For one month.
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