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ACNOC Acneser Spot Gel 15 g.

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ACNOC Acneser Spot Gel 15 g.

ACNOC Acneser Spot Gel can collapse Acne in short period of time with Triple Action:
· CUT – Cut the spot caused by Acne
· CLEAR – Clear scars, stains from acne effects
· CURE – Prevents the re-occurance of acne and blackheads

Acneser Spot Gel helps you to relief from severe acne inflammatory activities, reduces bacterial accumulation, smoothen acne scars, and helps in facial recoveries from dark spots.

ACNOC product is especially natural acne treatment, formulated with skin nutrients from pure and concentrated Mangosteen peel extract, Quercetin extract and Vitamin C. Alpha-mangostin in mangosteen fruit provides the maximum benefit of antioxidants, anti–acne causing and anti-tyrosinase to make skin healthy and radiant and Quercetin extract from Japanese onion peel which effectively enhance acne treatment with its high antioxidant ability and Vitamin C provides anti-acne and anti-spot properties. It is a combination of natural ingredients for pimple treatment.

Effective Direction to Use Acneser Spot Gel: Wash your face clearly before applying the Acneser Spot Gel.

The following are the directions for each type of acne:

  • Acne Aestivalis: Apply Acneser Spot Gel all over the area with acne aestivalis
  • Small Pimple: Use the small pimple peel off pad then apply Acneser Spot Gel all over the area.
  • Inflammation Acne: Apply Acneser Spot Gel thickly on the acne.
  • Large Pimple: Removes the acne out (use sting and cotton bud) and applies the Acneser Spot gel thickly on it.
  • Non- inflammatory acne: Use a product that contains the peeling agent before you wash your face for 5 minutes. Then apply Acneser Spot Gel all over your face to reduce the chance of it getting inflamed.
  • Acne from prohibited ingredient usage: Apply Acneser Spot Gel all over your face to reduce inflammation.

Directions: Apply 2 times a day in the morning and the afternoon after washing your face clearly. Can also be applied as much as desired.



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