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Beauty Cottage Chili & Black Pepper Scrub 200ml.

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Beauty Cottage Chili  Black Pepper

Beauty Cottage Chili & Black Pepper Body Perfect Exfoliating Scrub

Anti-Cellulite & Revitalize your skin with the natural extracts. An invigorating blend of natural ingredients to help stimulate circulation, effectively reduce cellulite to tighten up and smooth dimpled skin. Similar to its hot taste, Chili and Black pepper oil extracts serve the best in stimulating the metabolism, prevent further formation of new cellulite and maintain a perfect figure. Vitamin A and C will help to promote healthy, smooth and soft skin.

How To Use : Apply and massaging onto target areas, to stimulate circulation. Rinse with clean water.

Condition : 100% Brand new, sealed, never open

Quantity : 1 piece

Net wt. : 200ml.


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