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Beauty White Vampire Serum 10 times as white 30ml

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Vampire Beauty White Miracle Serum Brightening Lightening Skin


Vampire Body Whitening Serum
Body Whitening Serum Serum open skin Like vampire skin
White Beauty White Vampire inoculum concentrations of 10 times for the white stuff.

The key ingredient

  • Red rose oil extract that stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and skin healthy.
  • Lycopene from tomatoes helps skin retain its youthful appearance. Skin and soft like baby skin.
  • Abutin concentration inhibits melanin that causes freckles and dark sports clearly.
  • Glutathione, vitamin C, Vitamin E and vitamin B3 helps the skin luminous aura with water even when the sun.
  • AHA Fruit of vitamins and nano – White Power White to six levels, consistene color, reduce blemishes, cracks lymph clearly broken.

Ingredient: Aqua, Arbutin, Vit C & B3, AHA,

Salicilic, Pigment, Fruitamin Extract, Mineral

Direction: Use 2-3 drops mix with Lotion or

wipe the skin before the cream.

Dry skin, sensitive skin should try first. Do not

apply the product directly.

Size: 30 ml.



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