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Beauty White Vampire Body Cover Cream SPF50

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Beauty White Vampire Body Cover Cream SPF50


Beauty White Vampire Body Cover Cream Spf 50 120ml Beauty White Vampire Body Cup Cream good quality sunscreen. Price 250 บาท Vampire Beauty White sunscreen cream, the skin is not sticky, the skin is smooth, smooth, waterproof, smooth, soft on the skin. It will help to sunscreen SPF50 PA ++. Whitening water immediately but not lathered with ingredients Qten. A rose extract that helps keep skin clear, aura, dark spots and dull skin from sunburn. 60% water-based cream instead of silicone to reduce acne and blockage. It also feels light skin, no skin. Spreads easily, seeps and dries instantly. The blend of natural flowers gives a pleasant aroma, clears and enhances confidence. Should use every day, even if it is not sun. Can be added during the day. And often as needed. For body skin only. How to use: Apply morning-evening skin. Everyday Or 15-20 minutes before the sun set.



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