Vampire Beauty White Vampire Face Mask


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Vampire Beauty White Vampire Face Mask 

Beauty and the Beast) Beauty White Vampire Face Mask in the face immediately white in 5 minutes, no acne, freckles, 10 times concentrated with a mixture of extracts of many types of beauty White Vampire. That keeps the youth firmly. It also contains a combination of vitamin B 3 Aero Avin that helps reduce inflammation of the skin from the sun. Pollution and dirt Reduce inflammation of acne. Skin and skin smooth. White consistently reduces dark spots, freckles, and also contains hyaluronic acid. Help tighten the face. Tightening pores Reduce premature wrinkles, reduce acne scars, shallow holes. Adjust the face to tighten up. Come on in the gel form. Not sticky Aroma aroma helps you feel cool, cool, feel the satisfaction of the first time to use the property - precious with red roses and gold to see results in 5 minutes. - Whitening, youthful, firm, acne, freckles - tightening. Smooth, smooth, clear - safe natural ingredients. There is no way to clean your face, do not wet your face, do not leave around the eyes, lips, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. Should use 2-3 times a week, every day, 1 bottle is available 3-5 times a person. Receipt number 10-1-5748126


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