YURI Collagen Eucalyptus (10 sachets)


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YURI Collagen Eucalyptus

YURI Collagen Eucalyptus Quantity: 15-1 (10 sachets) Type: Supplementary food YURI Collagen Eucalyptus YURI Collagen Eucalyptus Lactose Supplements Contains collagen, peptide, glutathione, whitening and Q10 skin radiance. From the inside out Reduce wrinkles. Add moisture to skin. Helps dark spots, freckles, fades, tightens skin, brightens the appearance. Eucalyptus Chlorine 15000 mg. Help clear visible within 1 month. How to eat YURI Collagen Erythroblagen dissolve 1 bag in cold water or plain water 100-150 ml to dissolve to taste good. Should drink cold ** Use sucralose lysolith is a sweetener instead of sugar. (The results may change. Warning. 1. Children and pregnant women should not eat. 2. Should eat a wide range of 5 categories in a reasonable proportion. 3. No effect on prevention or treatment. 4. The results may vary by individual and the results may not be individual.

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