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Yuri Gluta Soap 70g

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Yuri Gluta Soap


Condition : 100% brand new, authentic product, high quality
Quantity received : 70 gram (1 Item )
Expired Date :  Within 1-3 Years after manufactured.
Authentic? : Guarantee
Yuri Gluta whitening soap face and body care products.With great innovation Natural extracts, rich in various vitamins.Intensive combination according to the standard process.Led by glutathione , Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and glycerin.Nourish the skin moist, not dry.Make the skin strong, firm, concise and help shed dead skin cells fall off. Peel off the skin better, which helps your skin white and bright skin.Adjust the skin from a sensitive skin or problems skin 
 Registration No. 10-1-5708143
How to use :
Clean face and body daily.Purify the body, leaving about 1-2 minutes then rinse will feel the skin smooth.The dead skin cells will gradually fall gently.



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