Yuri Coffee Gluta Dietary Diet Weight Loss Whitening Skin 155g


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YURI Coffee Gluta L-Carnitine / Sugar-Free


Yuri coffee is Arabica coffee is aromatic and contains a very rich,rich you utilize such as collagen fiber. L-carnitine, white L-L-glutamine-RGC new Orange cactus L-glutathione leaves of Ginkgo Goji berries are roasted coffee beans.Acerola cherry, chrome make when drinking and feeling perky, lively, cheerful, firming your skin look healthy body slimming delicious aroma is second to none.


  1. Burn excess fat in many body’s parts
  2. Reduce and Inhibit carbohydrate absorption into body .
  3. Healthy Skin with antioxidants as an anti-toxin caused by internal and external bodies.
  4. To reduce wrinkles from aging.
  5. Inhibit melanin building in body to help skin whitening with Glutathione .
  6. Stimulates the brain awake. Accelerate data processing in the brain in action.
    Thereby increasing the efficiency of the work that requires concentration such as Logic and Memory
  7. Stimulates the brain to work faster and concentrate better performance as well.
  8. To improve blood circulation in the body as well.
  9. Nourish the eyes, good eyesight
  10. Reduce stagnation from exercise.
  11. Helps the digestive system better.
  12. Help Prevent Cavities
  13. Prevents the cells do not deteriorate quickly. Reduce infections, colds Help fight bacterial infections
  14. Provide the ability to exercise increased. A more durable And prevent tissue damage caused by inadequate oxygen supply to the cells.


  • Non diary creamer 43% Cactus Extract 1.62%
  • Instant coffee 19.355% L-Glutathione 1.62%
  • Fiber 12.9% Ginko Extract 0.645%
  • Collagen 6.452% Wolfberry Extract 0.452%
  • L-Carnitine 3.226% Green Coffee Bean 0.194%
  • White Kidney Bean Extract 2.58% Acerola Cherry Extract 0.13%
  • L-Glutamine 2.58% Suclarose 0.065%
  • L-Arginine 2.58 % Chromium 0.026%
  • Garcinia Combogia Extract 2.58%

Brand : YURI
Condition : 100% Authentic Brand new
Size : 10 sachets/ box / Net 155 g.
Expired : 2 years from MFG
FDA NO. : 13-2-04352-2-0194



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