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Banna Ylang-ylang Massage Oil, 450 ml & 100 ml

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Banna Ylang-ylang Massage Oil, 450 ml & 100 ml

100% Cold Press Organic Coconut Oil enriched with natural Ylang-ylang extract nourishes your skin and hair, imparts a creamy, sweet, tropical scent. No synthetic fragrances!

Banna Ylang-ylang Massage Oil is an excellent tool for body care. Contains antioxidants, reduces the depth of wrinkles, absorbs quickly and does not clog pores, making the skin healthier and more resilient. Excellent moisturizes the skin and prevents the deterioration of the skin cells. Can be used for massage, to relieve joint pain, back pain and lower back, eliminates itching and irritation from insect bites. Suitable for face, body and hair.


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