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Banna Mangosteen Massage Oil, 450 ml & 100 ml

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Banna Mangosteen Massage Oil, 450 ml & 100 ml

100% Cold Press Organic Coconut Oil enriched with natural Mangosteen extract nourishes your skin and hair, imparts a creamy, sweet, tropical scent. No synthetic fragrances!

Banna Mangosteen Massage Oil is an excellent tool for body care. It has antioxidantand and antibacterial propertiesStimulates collagen production, increasescellular metabolismand improves circulation.Reduces inflammationof acne andprevents agespots,gives the skinahealthyandyouthful appearance.Also eliminatesdryness and irritationof the skin afterexposure to coldSafe forall ages andall skin types.

Suitable for face, body and hair.


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