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Sabai-arom Divine Mango Shower Gel, 200 ml

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Sabai-arom Divine Mango Shower Gel, 200 ml

Start your day with a shower cream Divine Mango and keep a good mood for the whole day.

The creators of the cream for shower Divine Mango Sabai-Arom took the mango into service, because its fruits contain large amounts of collagen and elastin. These substances penetrate the skin and make it more elastic and help keep us the natural moisture level and prolong youthfulness. Vitamin C and beta kerotiny nourish your skin, filling it with vitality and health.

Wash away the daily impurities with our Mahachanok mango shower gel that will bring you a uniquely sweet scent of a fresh mango-like, combining the rich extracts of Mahachanok mango and Thai fruit extracts like longan, passion fruit and pomegranate to keep your skin incredibly soft and smooth.



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