Sabai-arom Tangy Delight Shower Gel, 200 ml


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Sabai-arom Tangy Delight Shower Gel, 200 ml

Tangy up your feelings and wash away daily impurities with our Tangy Delight Collection that will bring the scents of 3 different oranges to make you feel happy all over while showering.

You have a good mood? Believe me, you can make it even better! Sweet, captivates the flavor of reducing shower gel is guaranteed to improve the already good mood. To achieve this effect, the experts of Sabai Arom added a bit of lime in this stunning cocktail of "happy" oils, made from the extracts of tangerine, mandarin and California oranges. These citrus oils have a special place in Thai aromatherapy, they have the ability to clear the mind and lift the spirit, at the same time increasing blood circulation. We recommend to try this shower gel, and you will feel that all the troubles and bad moods "as the water washed away!"

Application: Apply copious amounts of gel on damp skin and inhalation of its invigorating aroma while massaging the skin of the body. Rinse with water.

Main ingredients: Castor oil, oil of Lemon, Tangerine oil, Mandarin oil, Menthol.


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