Sabai-arom Jasmine Ritual ‘Sooth & Smooth’


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Sabai-arom Jasmine Ritual ‘Sooth & Smooth’ Body Scrub, 230 g

The scrub with Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Ginger to gently nourish your skin so that you will be daily blessed and beautifully scented by the gifts of nature.

Scrub away the impurities with the natural fiber of gourd and apricot contained in this soft and creamy scrub, allowing you to reveal your new smooth and soft skin while leaving Thailand’s most recognizably pure scent of Jasmine flower onto your body-making you feel refreshing and calm out of your busy day.

Massage a generous amount of body scrub onto your wet skin. Enjoy the calming scent that wafts up to fill your nostrils as you massage your entire body with circular motions. Rinse off.


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