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Sabai-arom Shining Homegrown Lemongrass “Soft’ n Smooth”

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Sabai-arom Shining Homegrown Lemongrass “Soft’ n Smooth” Body Scrub, 230 g

Revitalize your complexion with this heady, yet uplifting, lemon-fragranced shower scrub that softens and smoothens the skin. It is made from the essential oils of lemongrass herbs long used in Thai herbal compresses and saunas, which are now believed to contain antioxidant properties.

A delicate sugar-based scrub blessed with skin-protecting benefits from organic lemongrass oil and Thai herbs that contain antibacterial properties to gently unveil glow skin and protect it against rashes, while diffusing a citrus aroma of lemongrass to refresh senses.

How to feel good:

Apply a generous amount of scrub onto your wet skin. Enjoy the refreshing scent as you massage your entire body with circular motions. Rinse off.



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