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Sabai-arom Tamarind Shower Scrub, 170 ml

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Sabai-arom Tamarind Shower Scrub, 170 ml

Remove your daily impurities and allow your skin to be gently exfoliated all at once with our Tamarind recipe-formulated with honey and other Thai herbs like Lakoocha, Mulberry leaf and Licorice that offers rich AHA to banish away the dead cells, giving the glowing and soft skin in next to no time.

This firming scrub the shower is the best seller in Thailand. Residents of metropolitan living in a tight pace, but still want to look great. To do this, Thai cosmetologists have added a large number of natural Loofah to the shower scrub, which will provide an opportunity to make your body smooth for small period of time. Tamarind is a sour fruit that is used in Thailand for centuries as a natural exfoliator. Try this Tamarind shower scrub to guarantee you will like shine and smoothness that it will give your body just a couple of minutes!

Gentle exfoliating gel scrub with Vitamin E strengthens the skin, tamarind components smooth it and remove the stratum corneum cells.

Application: Apply copious amounts of scrub on the body, rub it lightly over the skin, then rinse.



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