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Banna Body Cream Banana, 250 ml

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Banna Body Cream Banana, 250 ml

Cream Body Oil with extracts of Banana, Coconut oil, Sesame seeds, Olive oil, Almonds, Sunflower seeds makes the skin smooth and supple, and at the same time responsible for good mood.

Bananas are rich in in vitamin C, being the antioxidant, ie the he slows down the the process of of aging of the organism, prevents the appearance of of early wrinkles, as well as with microelements, by such as potassium, in amino acids and in carotene. There are a in bananas, and vitamin E, he prolongs the life of cells, makes the skin a smooth and supple, as well the same time and is responsible for the a good mood. It is established that bananas - wonderful, and the main thing, a completely a harmless anti-depressant.



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