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Banna Moisturizing Gels, 100 g


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Banna Moisturizing Aloe Vera gel, 100 g

Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory gel with natural Aloe for skin care of the whole body, especially dry and sensitive. The composition is simple: Aloe Vera 99%, and processing aids (1%).

- Heals cuts, scrapes, abrasions
- Relieves pain from burns
- Excellent moisturizing, nourishes it with vitamins
- Relieves itching insect bites
- Relieves irritation and disinfects the skin after shaving and hair removal
- Provides an antiseptic effect, rapid healing, tissue regeneration.

You can use it on a regular basis, the use of this wonderful gel will give your skin a nourishing, moisturizing and protection, restore fluid balance and nourish the skin with moisture, provide the skin with vitamins A, C, E, D, B12.
Soothes and protects the skin, matting, and normalizes the complexion, smoothes, tightens pores, removes puffiness and cleans the skin of the old dead skin cells, regenerating the skin, nourishes with vitamins.

Menthol option adds of skin cooling effect.



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