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Flourish Anti Cellulite Cream, 500 ml

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Flourish Anti Cellulite Cream, 500 ml

An effective anti-cellulite cream with Thai pepper helps get rid of fat deposits and cellulite in the short term. Cream perfectly restores skin elasticity, smoothes the path.

Anti-cellulite cream consists entirely of natural ingredients. Included in the several kinds of Thai peppers and rare Thai herbs, allow to cope with cellulite 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. Cream is unique! His ability to break down body fat to make it unique. Bumpy surface of the skin smoother after the first application. Restores skin elasticity and firmness. For best results, apply the cream every two days. The cream has a strong sense of burning, after washing with body cream continues to actively burns the action for some time.

Attention! Do not use near open wounds, near intimate areas and on irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous shell. Posle application thoroughly wash your hands.

Ingredients: black pepper, chili, green tea, carnitine, vitamin E,



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