Pannamas Anti-cellulite cream with extract of Noni, 320 g


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Pannamas Anti-cellulite cream with extract of Noni, 320 g

Unique in its composition and properties of the cream with extract of noni, vitamin E and chili, will help your body cope with cellulite. With regular use, your skin will stretch on the abdomen and thighs, tighten and strengthen and the whole body will look young.

Noni is an amazing gift of nature, each component of this fruit has its own unique properties. Noni - a vegetable gidroestragen that slows down the aging process. essential oil cream composition penetrates deep into the subcutaneous layers promote deep drainage, thereby outputting excess liquid from the cells. Chile heats and thereby cleaves fatty cells. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and speeds up the metabolism in the skin. Thus, the models silhouette cream, smoothes bumpy surface of the skin.

With regular use 2-3 times a week, your skin becomes smooth and elastic, fit and silhouette.


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