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Herbal Thailand (Herbal Spa Ball).

Herbal Ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, kaffir Thailand consists of powdered camphor balm and leaves 
before the cabinet by heating the herb to bring into the muscles to reduce the pain. 
Stimulate the excretion of waste and lymph leeway muscles. It also helps the skin to clear up. 
Herbal ingredients and aromatic herbs to treat pain, muscle sprains 
, bruises help loosen tendons, joints and essential oil of herbs. 
It also helps relieve fatigue, relax in a spa.

Thai Coconut (Coconut Spa Ball).

Thai coconut contains dried coconut meat balls stuffed full integration Coconut concentrated. 
Helps soothe, relax the skin gently. Offering warm skin with nourishment in the meantime. 
Coconut oil that slowly Absorbed Help smooth Moist and healthy looking skin 
can be applied to all skin types. The aroma of coconut also gives a relaxed feel like being in a spa.

Ball grains (Grains Spa Ball).

Ball grains, soybeans, red beans, black beans contains curcumin Kaempferia galanga, lemon grass, kaffir lime skin and skin grapefruit 
can be used in both hot and cold compresses, hot hot hot heat will help bring the herbs into the muscles. 
Helps relieve muscle aches. It can also be frozen and cold. 
To relieve pain, swelling, redness that looks too is also a mixture of grapefruit skin. 
That allows skin to bright Fragrance relieves fatigue. The sense of relax in the spa.


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