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Room Diffuser 70ml Reunrom (Black Edition).


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Scented air shaft The fragrance comes packaged in black have been inspired by the smell of everyday activities.

There are six different scents to choose from, including ...
REUNROM Yoga Room Diffuser smell Yoga
The fragrance was inspired by yoga to improve physical, mental and spiritual 
preparation for the body and mind are ready to strengthen the balance to occur, both physically and mentally. 
Rod fragrant odor conditioning gives a feeling of relaxation and yoga to balance the body and mind. 
Combined with the aroma of eucalyptus (EUCALYPTUS) and peppermint (PEPPERMINT) together. 
Help train the mind to calm Relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and the smell of lavender (LAVENDER) and Pine (PINE) 
also in terms of concentration. Keep calm and As well as help the vacationers to sleep well even more.
REUNROM Massage Room Diffuser aroma massage.
Aroma, body and mind, I feel comfortable, like a massage. 
The science of the mind and the body. Help train the mind to be calm and relaxed 
mood sanity and sleep more. With the aroma that blends perfectly into 
the orange (ORANGE) Lemon (LEMON) and lemongrass (LEMONGRASS) that will help you relax. 
It also helps heal the mind fresh. Perky more
REUNROM Dating Room Diffuser smell a romantic date.
Fragrance creative moments of romance as couples who are dating atmospheric candlelit dinners. 
Imagine the love that infuses the body. Accompaniment music mix gently. Combined with the atmosphere under the stars 
Encourage them dating It is impressive and great memories for the couple. With charming sweetness of vanilla (VANILLA) 
combines exhilaration with scents of tangerine (TANGERINE) and sweet light from Tonka Bean (TONKA BEANS) 
is an impressive and memorable good. lovers
REUNROM Chill on the Beach Room Diffuser smell the beach.
Fragrances to change the atmosphere around a relaxing beach under the sun. 
Mix spiral waves merge the wind. With a touch of the sand under your feet. 
Smelled Mango (MANGO) are combined with tropical fruit species (FRUITY) to feel refreshed, relaxed and fun.
REUNROM Jogging in Garden Room Diffuser smell runner jogging in the park.
The aroma is packed with refreshing notes of herbs (HERBAL) and the smell of leaves (GREEN LEAVE) 
interfere with the mild sweetness of jasmine gently (JASMINE), as park model into the room. 
Inspired by the fresh morning jog in the park, surrounded by the smell of natural 
earthy scent smell the grass, the trees, smell the faint scent that helps relax the mind along with exercise. 
Wake up your mind bursting with vitality.
REUNROM Making a Merit Room Diffuser smell philanthropy.
Fragrance infused with the smell of prosperity into the temple to make merit. Traditions of Buddhists 
Help train the mind to calm Quenches upset and meditation. The sweet scent of jasmine (JASMINE) 
leaves fruition (GREEN LEAVES) recall the smell of incense and the faith of the cold marble floor. 
Like to step into a lush and pristine area. The sense of relief 
Relieve suffering And experience the peace of mind.


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