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Room Diffuser 70ml Reunrom (White Edition).


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Scented air shaft The fragrance comes packaged White was inspired by the smell of the festival. Of each sector in Thailand

There are six different scents to choose from, including ...
REUNROM Songkran Festival Room Diffuser smell Songkran.
Songkran is the traditional New Year's Eve New Year's Thailand. 
The whole family gathered together to jointly promote prosperity pour water with wishes for a happy new year begins. 
Then people brought water and sprinkled put together to create a fun and cool. Since the beginning of the season of water that people around the world know and love. 
Continue to be inspired by the fresh scent infused with cool water (AQUA), reminiscent of the festival bursting with freshness 
and fun to combine the aroma of flowers among the masses. The smell of jasmine (JASMINE), orange blossom (NEROLI) 
The gentle scent with chalk powder (POWDERY) with exhilaration. With the smell of fruits (FRUITY).
REUNROM Loy Krathong Festival Room Diffuser smell Loy.
Loy is that people are brought together leading flower-decorated krathong is shaped like a lotus blossom. 
Incense sticks and candles floating in the night, the moon was shining full moon reflected on the water filled up the embankment. 
To ask for forgiveness to the Goddess. To create stem fragrance inspired by tradition. 
With the scent of those flowers (FLORAL) like flowers that adorn the broiler mixed with the smell of pomegranate (POMGRANATE) 
Plums (PLUM), cedar (CEDARWOOD) that blend together perfectly comparable. like a faint smell of smoke candles. 
With the smell of freshness with the scent of vanilla Festival (VANILLA) and patchouli (PATCHOULI).
REUNROM Yi Peng Lantern Floating Room Diffuser smell Yi Peng Lantern Floating Festival.
The aroma is bursting with warm, bright and beautiful, like the Yi Peng Lantern. 
The sky in the folk traditions of Lanna. Chiangmai Province It is believed that in releasing unfounded. 
Which is made of paper stuck on a bamboo frame and a lamp lit in the middle, so I took a hot buzz in the air. 
The release condemned the release of grief and bad things different from the smoldering aroma stemming from aromatic blend of kaffir lime leaves (BERGAMOT), 
Rose (ROSE) and flowers Gérard Iconium (GERANIUM) delivers a sweet taste. Fresh The smell of sandalwood incense (SANDALWOOD) 
and vetiver (VETIVER) reminiscent of a beautiful night sky filled with twinkling lanterns.
REUNROM Kwan-Kao Tradition Room Diffuser to scent Bun Kwaykgaw.
The aroma is reminiscent of abundance. With the smell of jasmine rice (JASMINE RICE) 
combines the aromatic pandan (PANDAN) to commemorate Bun Kwaykgaw the total solidarity of farmers. 
To reassure the mother goddess of grain dropped by the field to the barn. Worship the mother goddess of grain Prevent pest damage 
To get more productivity in the following year. To console and the faith of the peasantry. To show gratitude to the mother goddess of grain. 
To make the rice harvest in the next year even better.
REUNROM Bua Festival Room Diffuser traditionally given the scent of lotus.
Inspired by the ancient traditions of Thailand, "Bua" to create a sweet, gentle aroma conveys the charm of Thailand. 
Combining the sweet fragrance of the lotus (LOTUS) and peony (PEONY) perfectly. 
Combined with the fresh scent Black Kerr Tarrant. (BLACKCURRANT), Apple (APPLE) and Orange (ORANGE BLOSSOM) 
to help awaken vitality into the traditional festival Bua - Bua throw. The local tradition of Bang Phli. 
Preservation of the locals tend to give Lily store when strangers come to paddle to the monks. 
Later this tradition became a Buddha Luang Pho To simulate the boat. Downstream along the feeder canal 
Bang to the two canals by throwing offerings of lotus lilies into the hull.
REUNROM Thai Blessing Ceremony Room Diffuser smell baisrisukwan tradition.
Scent that conveys a welcome morale energetic and confident as baisrisukwan ceremony of Thailand. 
The ceremony was made popular, whether it is within the family. Or as large as the ceremony. Baisrisukwan do more to reassure them back on. 
Wishing peace Morale was firmly stand successful success Soothe the mind and strengthen stability 
Infused with the smell of fresh notes of citrus (CITRUS) Cassis (CASSIS) and Apple (APPLE) 
merged with the aroma of flowers in Baisi. Thailand flowers from a flower Mok (WILD WATER PLUM), Mali (JASMINE) and orchids (ORCHID).


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