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Tamarind with Turmeric Body Lotion

Tamarind with Turmeric Herbal Lotion contains the natural nutrient from tamarind that has Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which can gently adjust skin tone to be brighter, and reduce blemish and dullness. Mixed with Turmeric that reduce all kinds of blemish for the smooth and even skin tone color all over your body.

 Passion Fruit with Star Fruit Body Lotion

Passion Fruit with Star Fruit Herbal Lotion can brighten your skin and cease appearance of all kinds of dullness. It also gives you smooth and even skin color all over the body. With Vitamin C, B2, B3 and minerals nutrients extracted specially picked ripe passion fruits, it can decrease all kinds of blemish to let you show off your thorough smooth and nice skin. The combination with Star Fruit extract provides Vitamin C which adjust uneven skin tone while also giving off a nice scent whenever you apply

Thai Jasmine Rice Milk Body Lotion

Thai Jasmine Rice Milk Herbal Lotion gently treats you to a youth-reverting skin treatment from authentic Thai Jasmine Rice, which is specially extracted to become rice milk that has a unique scent. This gives you the warm and stress relieve feeling. It contains intensive nutrient for skin nourishment. Naturally providing you with a smooth, touchable, youthful and anti-aging skin.

Mangosteen with Dragon Fruit Body Lotion

Mangosteen, the queen of fruit from Thailand, with Dragon Fruit Herbal Lotion fully contains the nutrients for the skin; it moisturizes, reduces dull skin and corrects uneven skin tone. With this skin nourishment, it can provide you with a brightened skin. The combination with Dragon Fruit Extract that is full of intensive antioxidant which not only curbs the occurrence of aging lines, but also nourishes the skin to become brighter naturally.

Tangerine with Fresh Lime Body Lotion

Tangerine with Fresh Lime Herbal Lotion comes with the unique sweet and sour tangerine scent, mixed with Fresh Lime Extract that instantly serves a fresh and active feeling. It contains of intensive Vitamin C, that makes the skin brighter, and gently reduces all kinds of blemish and acne. Feel the smooth and healthy skin all over the body

Cucumber with Aloe Vera Body Gel

Pamper your skin during bath time with the Cucumber and Aloe Vera bath gel. The property from a Fresh Cucumber helps to hydrate the skin for a smooth, delicate and radiant complexion. It is also rich in Carotene substance which has the ability to anti-oxidant and reduce wrinkles, while delivering the youthful appearance to the skin. Aloe Vera Extract helps to soothe the skin from dryness to become healthy looking once again. Moreover, it comes with Bamboo scrub to exfoliate the skin for a flawless complexion.

Roselle with Pomegranate Body Gel

Providing Roselle Extract as an anthocyanin active ingredient which is 50% stronger as an anti-oxidant than blueberry, while the Premium Pomegranate Extract helps to soothe and prevent the constant deterioration of skin as time passes by for a firming skin appearance. Compounded with Roselle Scrub to exfoliate the skin and enrich with Vitamin C stimulate the gentle peeling of the skin cells while delivering brilliant and youthful skin appearance.


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