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Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Gift Set 2Pcs. Missha

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The set consists of a ... 
Missha: Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Active Toner 30ml
Toner, add some water. Maintain and add moisture to the skin. 
Balance and retain moisture to keep skin feeling moisturized long. 
Protects skin from external aggressions Mr. B. skin look better picture. Skin nourished with the next step 
MISSHA: Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream 10ml
cream to moisturize deeply. Protects the skin loses moisture. 
By coating with a layer of moisture on the surface of the outermost layer 
with three function Triple Aqua System 
, which allows the skin succulent and healthy, providing moisture for up to 24 hours  
* Tested skin moist longer than 24 hours.


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