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CC Cushion Base 15ml Cathy Doll Speed White (Purple)

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CC Cushion Base! CC packing sponge cartridge type base station & light cool surface.
To maintain the quality of the bass is longer than the typical bass. Comes with a puff, soft texture.
No-meat base can absorb bass in a mandatory fee. Spread beef evenly throughout the bass face

Sarot color natural skin color to blend seamlessly. Opra records no color during the day
With skin all day and watery 3 shades

1. the Pink Pearl is suitable for all skin types-smooth, pink surface fine sparkling like pearls. Front view & clear shining clear.

2. Green Base with dyed pink/white skin who has redness on face. Help conceal redness acne scars

3. Purple Base with yellow tone skin and those with dark wrinkles on the face. Phiokrachang-pale pink-white.


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