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Whitener Body Lotion 150ml. Cathy Doll Ready 2 White

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Body milk body lotion to the skin sparkling white on Terra. With a concentrated formula of Glutathione Arbutin value +
Glutinous SOAP with a delicate noena laser moichoe is not how to nourish a deep.
Moist, soft skin and skin elasticity, Filtrate Snail Secretion look younger reduce the redness away.
Roy black, from acne and wrinkles, faded look ready to relax.
The soft fragrance of flowers in hues from Korea released clear skin Lipe woe immediately.
How to use:
1. cream, lotion, skin so soft and slick skin touch.
2. to clear and brilliant white surface wrinkles fade look should be used continuously on a regular basis. Every morning-evening


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