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One Day Whitener Lotion 75ml. Cathy Doll (Ready 2 White)

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Face lotion keeps skin, bring within a single process that merges the concentrated extract value.
From Korea to include all properties together, you can still add a clear, brilliant white skin invigoration with facial.
Ready to tighten pores in a single tube, you girls have clear smooth skin like a healthier Korea girl phiokrachang.
Primula veris-extract that helps to bring your skin naturally.
Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract-plant, as well as enhancing skin cell condition lamin gu, transparent white out dark circles.
From small freckles and blemishes With inhibition of bacteria that is causing the pimple and rash phot.
Vitamin B3-that will help revitalize dull skin back, maisot clarity. Wrinkles of aging lines a little faded. See shallow.
Mallow Extract-Mallow plant extract are mainly found in winter cities. Help in the fight against inflammation of the skin with a rich.
How do moichoe with Service concentrated nourishing deeply? Help more moist, soft skin body lotion, light is not sticky.
Noena offers comfortable soft skin scent with a class of floral hues from Korea ngokrang 7 first touch to the surface slick and white transparent clear.
With the new innovative technology consisting of a Triple Layer Encapsulation that will have the ability to help the nutrients.
Absorbed into the skin very quickly and exceptionally deep and optimize performance. To bring your skin in one step.
How to use: after washing your face clean. Wipe dry. Press the cream onto a fingertip in the appropriate quantity annulled all over face and throat.
To bring your face should be used regularly morning – evening.


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