Detox Total Fibely Donutt Brand Detoxification Care & Cleaning C


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Detox Total Fibely Donutt Brand Detoxification Care & Cleaning Colon

Donutt Total Fibely Detox Supplements Dietary, detox colon Drinking lemon flavor contain fiber 7500 mg, increase fiber in the gastrointestinal tract.

Helps in the excretion cleans and removes impurities, including toxic residues in the intestine will be removed, and also gives the skin radiant and healthy.

Donutt Total Fibely Detox safely assure 100%.

The properties of a Total Detox Donutt Fibely

  • Help solve the problem of constipation.
  • Help clears the toxins in the blood and in the liver.
  • Clear Lam to coat with fat stains, stains and scale in the bowel clean.
  • Eating healthy is better performance.
  • Excretory system and subsystem includes the system.
  • To reduce the smell of body like mouth.

Condition : 100% brand new, product high quality
Net weight : 20 g. per sachet
Quantity received : 1 Box Total 10 Sachets
Expired Date : Within 1-3 Year after manufactured.
FDA No. 11-1-07356-1-0056

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