Colly Pink Fish Collagen 6,000 mg


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Colly Pink Fish Collagen 6,000 mg Strowberry Flavor Supplement White Bright 30 Pack

Colly pink collagen, collagen or collagen premium whitening best camps in Thailand, the company has a leading collagen powder and raw materials from Japan.

And the smell processing Motorola Cherries of collagen to make them easier to eat. Its unique taste Collie Pink Currently on the market there, but collagen. The quality is not good enough. Notice from the torn envelope.

The molecular characterization of nanoparticles of collagen Collies Colly pink puff up immediately.

If you try colly pink collagen, collagen clear that the body and the skin will be improved. (Reviewed on an empty stomach Or after a meal).

Indications : hair, skin pores on your face. And a firmer shape Give full shape to the chest Add the aura skin UV sun protection only on the skin moist and delicious flavor, not fat, but because it makes collagen.

How to use : Dissolve the contents of one sachet (10 g) in water or plain water 100-150 ml spoon, stir well.

Ingredients :

  • Fisher Island hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Glycine
  • Calcium Ascorbate Batesville.

Size: 1 Box/ 30 sachets

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