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PANCEA FIBER DETOX Dietary Resistance Supplement Weight Loss Detox High Fiber

Detoxification, promote balance, body excrete toxins.

Resistance to the medications, do not see results from any other supplements or medications, recommend to detox the body for first seven days.

To clear the toxins in the body. Accelerate the absorption of vitamins

Pancea fiber detox used the principles of added good nutrients (pre-biotic), the microorganisms to get enough food, so microorganisms work effectively andalso promote the absorbent.

Get rid of toxic waste from the body. Promote body balance.

Results that you’ll get, in addition to good health, there are ingredients that make skin whiter with the extracts of fruit concentration of berry’s family and firm body. It contains extracts from Citosan, Garcinia, too.

Size: 1 box X 7 sachets
FDA No: 11-1-03654-1-10381

Directions: Mix 1 sachet with room temp. water, mix it well then drink. 1 time a day, take the drink before bedtime.

Note: For people that have constipation, recommend to take it every day for 7 days. After then reduce it to 3 times per week, 1 time per week, then 1 time per month.

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