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IDOL SLIM APPLE: Apple juice for weight loss IDOL BERRY PLUS:

fruit drink to lose weight Block fat does not accumulate burn burn fat old. Clear old fat and new whitening. Strengthen the new skin whitening formula to 3 times the actual reduction of 20 kilos !!!!! ! Accelerate fat burning, reduce weight, reduce cholesterol. No side effects to the brain.

Certificate of change within 7 days, good shape, good fit, compact, delicious taste, keep the shape to always look good. With natural extracts of L-carnitine, collagen, skin care, tightening, elasticity, bright white skin. Get healthy, safe, no harm, no side effects.

Say goodbye to obesity is a new person with good shape forever. How to eat: Tear the envelope with plain water or cold water, 250 ml, thaw, drink before or after breakfast, 30 minutes should drink plenty of water. No. 10-3-09980-1-0765 1 box contains 10 envelopes.

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