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IDOL BERRY PLUS Drink juice to lose weight Low Fat 100% (Blast fat formula)

Accelerate fat burning, weight loss, reduce Cholesterol. No adverse effects on the brain, fit & firm, tighten the body shape, delicious with natural extracts containing L – Carnitine Collagen to help maintain healthy skin elasticity, skin white and bright, healthy, safe, no side effects. Say goodbye to obesity with a new shape forever.

IDOL BERRY PLUS fruit drinks to lose weight. Formula blast fat, lower abdomen, upper arms, small arms, legs, thighs, flat stomach.

Directions: Mix the powder with 250 ml. plain water or cold water, Then mix well and drink it 30 minutes before or after breakfast, should drink water frequently.

FDA. Registration No.: 10-3-09980-1-0765


  • Berry powder 73.00%
  • L-carnitine 10.16%
  • Collagen 4.12%
  • Chomiumpicolinate 0.33%
  • Extract from Garcinia 2.00%.
  • The Cactus extract 1.00%.
  • William Hunt Hants 0.67%.
  • Berry Flavor 0.03%
  • Grape Seed Extract 500 mg.

Size: 10 sachets/ box

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