Seven Days Detox 3 in 1 latest technology


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Seven Days Detox 3 in 1 latest technology for weight loss detoxification

The latest technology for weight loss And detoxification of the body With powerful Extract ultimate form of detoxification, toxins in the colon, liver 3 in 1 blood out to reduce the risk of causing various health problems. This is followed by colon cancer, inflammatory bowel subsystem bad hemorrhoids, constipation, alternating diarrhea abdominal pain. Body odor, bad breath, acne, which results in skin looks dull and rough.

Seven Days Detox 3 in 1 Seven Day Detox supplements with natural fiber. The proportion moderation It also contains vitamins When eaten, results in line with vegetables and fresh fruit. Helps balance the body Another way to do it everyday. Coupled with regular exercise. That can help slim and healthy.


  • Fluke’s Zack Oligo Polysaccharides 95% 6,000 mg.
  • Powder William Hunt Oates 2,500 mg.
  • Garcinia extract 2,000 mg.
  • Kiwi extract 950 mg.
  • Wheat leaf extract 900 mg.
  • Blockers Discovery Cove powder 750 mg.
  • Sodium copper Colby Logan Phillips at 300 mg.
  • L – glutathione 250 mg.
  • Beith acid chloride 60 mg.
  • Green tea extract, 50 mg.

Use the sweetener instead of sugar (in Caloocan City).

How to eat: soluble in water temperature Seven Day 1 envelope or 120-150 ml of cold water using a spoon, stir and drink immediately. Drink after a meal or before bedtime one pack a day.

Size: 1 Box/7 sachets
Registration FDA 13-1-16658-1-0026

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