Gluta Colla Whitening 10X by ML


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Gluta Colla Whitening 10X by ML glutathione glutathione pretty clear aura glutathione concentrated formula. For those who want white whites, white glutathione and concentrated collagen from deep-sea fish. That can revive dark skin from the urgent sun. Touch every dimension of skin.

Look at any angle, it is young, according to the Korean style you search. Features - Antioxidant - Stimulate collagen elastin - Protect skin from the sun - Skin refreshingly clear white - Reduce freckles, freckles, black spots - Streaks. Fade - reduce acne - pores smaller.

How to eat: 2 tablets 2 times a day before bed, drink 2 glasses of water. No. 13-1-05459-5-0024 1 pack contains 30 tablets.

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