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Centella Cleansing Gel

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Centella Cleansing Gel

Key Features:

The cooling facial cleansing gel for clean and clear skin


Centella Cleansing Gel is the cooling gel filled with natural herbal extracts so it’s safe for usage.


  1. Deeply cleanses facial skin
  2. Reduces bacteria and slows down the formation of acne
  3. Reduces skin oiliness and clogging
  4. Reduces inflammation of acne on facial skin
  5. Repairs scars, dark spots and redness
  6. Suitable for all skin types

Key Ingredients:

  1. Centella Asiatica helps reduce acne inflammation, dark spots, redness and dullness, while nourishing facial skin to be hydrated.
  2. Natural minerals help deeply cleanse facial skin, slow down wrinkles, and restore dry and damaged skin to be healthy and glowing.
  3. Borneol camphor helps nourish facial skin to be firming and relaxed.


Cleanse facial skin every morning and evening.

Content: 60 ml

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-6005329


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