Vistra Acerola Cherry 1000 mg.45 Capsules


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Vitamin C from nature Help maintain our health. Vitamin C is a very essential vitamin for the body. Which has a wide variety Some vitamin C is produced by synthesis. Some natural extracts.

The body can absorb vitamin C from nature to better use. So choosing vitamin C. Should choose a natural extract such as vitamin C. Should choose a natural extracts, such as extract of acerola cherry. Which provides high vitamin C. And in the form that the body can absorb and use it well.

Registration No. 10-1-00449-1-0097. Essential Ingredients in 1 tablet. Ascorbic Extracts 1000 mg. Citrus Bioflavonoids 80 mg. Pomegranate Extract 60 mg. Grape Seed Extract 40 mg. Beta. Rutin 10% 30 mg Lycopene 10% 30 mg.

How to eat 1-2 tablets a day before meals or empty stomach to help prevent and treat melanin pigment disorders. Reduce dark spots, freckles, black spots on the body. Helps to brighten the skin for a long time. Helps reduce colds. Helps against bacterial infections. Studies have shown that people who receive vitamin C regularly will have less cold than those who do not.

Minimizes allergies, including allergies. By inhibiting the body's synthesized histamine. If too much is done, there is respiratory irritation. Cause sneezing and runny. As an anti-oxidant. It also helps repair damaged cells and help prevent cell deterioration. This will help prevent various diseases. Helps to synthesize collagen, a protein needed for skin tissue. So tighten the skin.

Reduce the appearance of premature aging Vistra supplement Acerola Cherry 1000 mg. - Size 45 caps.

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