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Acacia Herbal Pills

Promotes a safe and natural 3-8 kg weight loss for a slender and firming body shape within 3-7 days!


Acacia Herbal Pills with all natural herbal ingredients helps promote sweating, eliminate body toxins, reduce white discharge, improve menstruation, cleanse alimentary tract, and served as a laxative. It also helps reduce phlegm and a cough as well as promote weight loss for a slender and firming body shape.

  • Contains 100% natural herbs
  • No weight cycling or yo-yo effect
  • No need to starve
  • No side effects, headache, dry throat, or heart palpitation
  • Eliminates excess fats, swelling conditions, and body residues
  • Helps relieve twisted stomach and bloating
  • Promotes a healthy-looking skin

Key Ingredients:

  • Acacia concina (willd.) D.C.

Directions: Take 1 tablet with warm water before bedtime to help expel toxins.

Content: 30 Pills

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