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Acai Berry Perfect Hair Serum By Padaso

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Acai Berry Perfect Hair Serum By Padaso

Key Features:

The serum for healthy and shiny hair


Acai Berry Perfect Hair Serum is the hair nourishing serum formulated with the extract of “Acai Berry” that is 2 times more concentrated to speed up the repairing process deep to hair cells.

Hair problem is the big problem for women as they have to face damages caused by sunlight, hair blowing, dying, and curling.

New Formula Acai Berry Perfect Hair Serum

The new formula contains higher amount of all extracts with 2 times more concentrated Acai Berry Extract to focus in restoring dry and damaged hair to be shiny. The beautiful hair is within your reach!

Easy Step for usage of Acai Berry Perfect Hair Serum

Drop the Acai serum onto one palm and apply onto hair or hair end regularly. It can be applied on damp hair or dry hair during the day to nourish your hair to be strong. For more effective results, apply the Acai serum onto hair and leave for 2 hours before washing. Then you’ll experience smooth and silky hair.

Restores 10 types of damaged hair:

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Strengthens hair roots
  3. Protects hair from blowing or heating
  4. Treats split ends
  5. Treats flat hair
  6. Promotes tidy hair
  7. Treats fuzzy hair
  8. Nourishes dry hair to be smooth and silky
  9. Relieves itchiness, dandruff, and allergy on scalp
  10. Regenerates dyed hair to be healthy


Acai Berry Extract

Content: 30 ml.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5728691


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