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PIL'ATEN Lip Plumper Crystal Collagen Lip Care Gel Pad

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1 x PIL'ATEN Lip Plumper Crystal Collagen Lip Care Gel Pad.

Formulated with collagen and red wine extracts. Nourishes and tightens the skin. The area around the lips to look firm and smooth wrinkles beautifully. Properties of the marking pink lips. Collagen: Mark the lips. New to the lips, smooth and soft to the touch.

Pink mark plate For those who have dry lips, lips are flaky, black lips, these problems you can fix. Markers, lips, pink, collagen. Helps repair dry, dulled lips, revitalizing the lips.

By adding collagen to the lips. Fill up the superficial wrinkles against UV light, which is part of the problem our lips. How to use a pink lip collagen sheet: Wash your face clean.

Put sheetaround the lips. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Remove it. Use it twice a week.


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