Anti-Stretch Rosemary Cream 100g. Cathy Doll Sweet Dream


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ladies have different skin problems, faced with a pattern? Bored? whatever the cream not just once Calf Due to the surface has been changed too quickly, such as stretch, grow fast due to the. FAT or skinny, down sharply from losing weight or are you pregnant mothers even very rough skin. These problems are caused by the lack of skin moisture and elasticity not until rio's calf. Also known as surface cracking Sesame pattern most often occurs in front of the chest. Abdomen. Hips, thighs, arms, etc. * For better results use the great Tequila natit Rosemary cream. Skin on the crack pattern, or the mother who is pregnant. Can be used to repel from the start of pregnancy to protect the calf? Ta daily (morning-evening) continued on a regular basis. Can feel the results within 28 days * (Duration of results depending on the individual skin condition).

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