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SWP Collagen Milk Premium Mask

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SWP Collagen Milk Premium Mask recover quickly Reduces dark spots Whitening Skin.  15 g

Collagen Milk Premium Mask most of Sleeping Mask Cream Mask white. Skin Deep During leisure time Face too, To the best of the rest is a mask during sleep. Mask Facial Collagen Milk Premium Mask.That stimulates skin cells. Be able to recover quickly Add flexibility to the skin as well. The skin Pores firming smooth and soft, not dry. Reduces dark spots to fade. It does not cause irritation.
A combination of “milk and collagen concentration.” that stimulates skin cell
deterioration. Can recover quickly add flexibility to the skin as well.The skin pores firming  smooth and soft, not dry helps reduce the appearance of dark spots to fade. It does not cause irritation and damage to skin cells. The skin irritation caused by allergic rash, redness,  rashes, allergies improve quickly. The surface has been relaxed to a certain skin a healthy glow from the first use


  • Milk’nLift 3%
  • Collagen powder 3.40%
  • Burdock Root Extract 1%
  • Cucumber Extract 2%
  • Witch Hazel Extract 5%
  • Allantoin 0.30%
  • Aminocoat 1%
  • Macadamia oil 3%
  • Glycerine 2.60%
  • White oil 2%
  • Vitamin E 0.50%
  • DI Water 64.50%
  • Steric acid 6%
  • Emulsifying wax 2%
  • Tween 20 2%
  • Preservative 0.70%
  • Fragrance 1%

Size: 15 g.

Quantity: 1 box


Collagen Milk Premium Mask: Mask cream, point over the face before bed. Apply and leave it all night Rinse with clean water in the morning.


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