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BABY KISS Vit C Serum Plus 20 ML.

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BABY KISS Vit C Serum Plus 20 ML.

Serum vitamin C concentration

Products Mitchell added clarity. Reduce wrinkles Vitamin C concentration latest derivatives.

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid has been recognized as the most effective to absorb into the skin quickly lower functioning.

Skin radiant energy is flexibility. Skin color consistency And to add moisture to the skin.

Hyaluronate helps skin Far premature aging.


  • Reduce wrinkles Antioxidant Help skin look younger. (Anti-oxidant)
  • Reduce melanin production in the skin. And add radiance (Reduce skin pigmentation).
  • Protect your skin from the damaging rays of the Village (UV skin protection).
  • Stimulates collagen keeps skin firm. Flexible Lively (Collagen synthesis).
  • Reduce irritation of the skin. (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Failure to maintain healthy skin (healthy skin).
  • A mixture of vegetable protein. Skin tightening Immediately after firming
  • A mixture of Sodium Hyaluronate allows the moisture to the skin.

Condition : Brand new, never use or opened
Size : 20 ml
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How to use: Apply Vit C SERUM PLUS daily to your face and neck after washing your face or after using toner.


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