Verena L-Carnitine Apple Plus Dietary Supplement


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Verena L-Carnitine Apple Plus


Featured properties :

  1. Reduce cholesterol absorption and supplements to build muscle mass
  2. Accelerate fat metabolism very efficiently and more
  3. A high fiber helps full faster, eat less reduce constipation
  4. Have Antioxidants Increase collagen keeps the skin smooth and clear skin as well as the children

The important ingredient of Verena L-Carnitine Apple Plus :
In 1 Sachet (15000 mg.) contains.

  • Apple Powder 8,150 mg.
  • Inulin 6,100 mg.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (as L-Carnitine 68.2%) 500 mg.
  • Vitamin C 60 mg.
  • Coenzyme Q10 30 mg.
  • Chromium picolinate (as Cr 12.43%) 1 mg.
  1. Apple Powder 8,150 mg.
    Help slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Hunger and longing Reduce constipation Reduce cholesterol levels A concentrationvelocity increases. Antioxidants are effective. Can prevent the degeneration of cells.
  2. Inulin 6,100 mg.
    Helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. May help in the prevention of osteoporosis. Reduce the absorption of cholesterol from food and excreted in the bile. Help prevent colon cancer Lower blood sugar by stimulating hormones in Crazy Teen (incretin) on intestinal fiber with a sweet like sugar. But is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract does not increase energy and sugar to the body.
  3. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (as L-Carnitine 68.2%) 500 mg.
    Helps the body turn fat into energy. Accelerate the fat metabolism to work more efficiently . Provides the ability to exercise more . Thereby accelerating the metabolism better.
  4. Vitamin C 60 mg.
    Help strengthen the collagen . Enhance fermentation glutathione works more effectively .
  5. Coenzyme Q10 30 mg.
    helps to reduce wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin by building collagen in the skin. Increase oxygen to the cells. Skin Help build muscle tissue and collagen . And the elastin of the skin . Allows softer Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin Help delay wrinkles The occurrence of wrinkles on the face and allow the fabric freckles and dark spots fade.
  6. Chromium picolinate (as Cr 12.43%) 1 mg.
    Reduce fat And strengthen muscle mass And increased metabolic rate in the body. Keeping blood sugar levels to normal levels . Reduce appetite, making you feel fuller. And can help draw out the fat tissues on metabolic energy.

Condition : 100% brand new, product high quality
Net weight : 15 g. per sachet
Quantity received : 1 Box Total 10 Sachets
FDA No. 10-1-00152-1-0170

How to use : Brewed with hot water or cold water 120 ml before breakfast or at bedtime. Then drink one glass of water

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