Verena Soy Peptide Plus Fruit Flavor Mix (10 sachets) 1 box


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Verena Soy Peptide Plus Mix Fruit Flavor, Drinks Energy Brain System Unisex

Condition : 100% brand new, product high quality
Net weight : 15 g. per sachet
Quantity received : 1 Box Total 10 Sachets
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Soy Peptide Plus Mix Fruit Flavor from Verena
Drink nourish the brain and nervous system Fruit flavor Aromatic Delicious taste of pineapple and lemon A refreshing drink Clear the brain Although exhausted from work, makes the brain clear relief work in a good mood.

Suitable for those who don’t have the time and hard work. Use a lot of ideas. Beverage supplement powder drink Verena can help you. The mixture of useful. And the delicious taste of fruit juice.

In 1 Sachet (15000 mg.) contains.
– Inulin 5,000 mg
– Pineapple Powder 3,000 mg.
– Lemon Powder 2,985.78 mg.
– Soy Protein Peptide 2,000 mg.
– L-Arginine 1,000 mg.
– L-Leucine 700 mg.
– Choline Bitartrate 250 mg.
– Vitamin C 60 mg.
– Vitamin B12 0.1% 2 mg.
– Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 2 mg.
– Sucralose 0.22 mg.

Properties Soy Peptide Plus
– Has a role in promoting cardiovascular system. Since the body into nitric oxide, helps to relax blood vessels and increase the standing of wool.
– Helps repair worn
– Increase of fat metabolism And lower levels of blood cholesterol
– Antioxidants
– Helps to burn fat for energy. The fat is by So getting into the mitochondrial Nitro is easier.
– Is a structural component and Important substance in the body such as nerve cells, neurotransmitters.
– Prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.
– Is an important nutrient in the process of destroying and removing toxins from the liver.

How to use : Brewed with hot water or cold water 120 ml before breakfast or at bedtime. Then drink one glass of water.

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