Gluta with Berry and Grapseed Extract


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Gluta with Berry and Grapseed Extract 30 Softgels for skin without shabby 【No. 24-1-20555-1-0295】 1 box contains 30 tablets. Because it covers the skin cover. 2. Skin auras, shine, smooth bounce to touch. 3. Reduce dark spots, redness, acne, scar, body or face clearly. 4. Reduce acne. The skin is healthy from the inside. 5. The color of the nipple and lips to pink.

6. To detox the residue in the body. 7. Rejuvenate the skin. Tightening pores Rubbed the skin and then look very slippery 8. adjust skin armpit skin Groin to whiten. Smooth up. 9. Sleep late, not shabby. Reduce dull under the eyes. 10, eat before bed, wake up early in the morning. 11. Stop eating do not return to the black certainly. 12. Help smooth skin. Accelerates skin whitening in 7 days. 13. Helps reduce all types of acne. With detoxification detoxification in the body.

Ingredients in 1 tablet - glutathione 6, 500 mg - Berries and tomatoes 2,000 mg - Qantas 800 mg - Collagen 500 mg - Vit C 250 mg - Reduce Form ALA 200 mg How to eat: Take 1 tablet every day before bedtime with water. 1-2 glasses for good absorption.

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