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VOODOO Amezon silk mask 7 of the strengthening and rejuvenation of the silk mask, the mask is easy to paste, it is back to clear! Easy to use, texture, mascara, strong, does not decay, lame, do not be careful. Please take a look. Voodoo Amazon Booster White Silk Essence Mask (silk mask) silk with a mixture of poison serum.

Snake And mask silk sheet. With the design of face mask. A special type of fiberglass cloth made of gold silk with "Ultra Slim Silk Mask" technology that produces a thin fibroin fiber (Fibroin) of only 0.01 millimeters.

With skin fit properly It is like a thin silk mask like "mask pads" Because it can be attached to the face perfectly. So it can convey Extracts to penetrate deep into the skin


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