Vital Star Vitality Star Rice Bran Oil


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Vital Star Vital Star Rice Bran Oil (60 tablets / bottle). Features - Immune health. - Eat to nourish the body. Reduce bad cholesterol - Prevent heart disease and stroke. Reduce triglycerides - Increase HDL levels.

Prevent diabetes - Make blood sugar levels of diabetes easily control. - Prevent cancer. - Prevent eye diseases. Especially dry tears. Skin care. - Hair care shiny black hair. Prevent dementia. - Brain maintenance memory. And Alzheimer's disease In rice bran oil extract - Linoleic Acid (Omega 6), Squalene (Ceramide Group) - a major component of the skin. Increases moisture - Makes skin elastic & reduces wrinkles 11-1-10249-1-0001 Selling 100% genuine products at affordable prices.

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