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Are you tired of losing weight?
Let's try to lose weight the whole system better than ......
I BLU (BLUE) is a diet supplement designed for weight loss. Increase metabolism Reduce fat accumulation. It also allows for faster, safer results. The main function of the plant we are well known is green tea. With amino acids The body completely needed. So I can confidently say that I-BLU will help you to lose weight as well. And safe as well
In addition to IBLU, it helps to lose weight. Slimming. In the group of people who exercise. I also can use I-BLU as a power to exercise as well. By accelerating fat burning. Come to power It also contains antioxidants. To get rid of free radicals from the body. Make exercise a lot of benefits. I BLU only one pack.
Start healthy with all the benefits of I BLU.
- 1 pack of iblue energy only 25 calories.
- a mixture of fiber. It helps to feel full and reduce appetite.
- There are essential amino acids. Enhances protein synthesis, muscle building and body regeneration.
- accelerate the process of burning fat in the body. And increase the rate of metabolism to increase.
- Catechins from green tea help accelerate the process of burning body fat.
- Vitamin B helps accelerate energy for physical exercise.
I BLU one pack a day for people who want to lose weight. I BLU after lunch for about 1 hour for people who exercise and want to build muscle. I-BLU in the range of exercise by mixing. IBLU 1 bag with cold water volume about 300-400 CC shake to each other to eat. Like normal drinking water Not recommended to eat completely. Because it will make less absorption.
** To mix with cold water. There may be sludge left at the bottom of the bottle. Which is not dangerous. Can be eaten **
1 box contains 30 envelopes, you can have 1 month.
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