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Babalah Bakar Powder Two Way Powder Mix 14 g. REFILL


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Babarah Baba Pudding Powder Pudding Control Price Wholesale Silicone No.1 For White People No. 2 For Two Colors Premium quality premium powder from Europe, waterproof with SPF20 powder texture. Beautiful all day long, waterproof, covered with dark spots, wrinkles, bumps, smooth, no stains while sweating. Well managed it. Just the face is clear. Cover the powder with sunlight.

Baba Baba Cake 2 Way (Cake Way), conceal a smooth bounce, aura transformed into a fairy in the blink of an eye. Then how do you fall in love with Babala Cake? Two Way Way. How to use? How to use UVA and UVB? SPF 20 ++ is 100% waterproof and has a built-in foundation cream. Fine texture Formulated for long lasting, non-sticky foundation.


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